To quote Stylist Live, ‘The Step Up Club is the only voice to listen to in the women’s career conversation.’

As career experts and pioneers in the burgeoning field of female success and empowerment, we use our unique Step Up School, high-profile brand collaborations, engaging online content, our book, social media platforms and our weekly newsletter to deliver practical advice to our followers. In the process, we are building a highly engaged and powerful female network.

Our mission statement is simple: to support all types of working women to find the success that they want, and to empower them to feel more fulfilled at work – and in life.

The Step Up Club has been featured in the majority of the country’s top broadsheets and female glossies.



Step Up School is a one-year programme that will change your work and life. Over the course of our monthly meet ups, we will help you GROW YOUR BUSINESS, FEED YOUR CAREER, BUILD YOUR NETWORK and IMPROVE YOUR LIFE.

Step Up School is open to everyone, whatever your profession or stage of life; employed, employee, freelancer, entrepreneur, teacher, doctor, in between jobs or something else….

Our new book

Our book is the ultimate career self-help for women
It blends kick-up-the-bum advice with 10-minute a day career workouts to help you build career success fast.

With inspirational stories from women including, Kirsty Young, Bobbi Brown, Hemsley and Hemsley, the late Zaha Hadid and many more, this is the must-have book for women who want to take charge of their career success.

Read, rehearse and watch your career take off!