Happy New Year. We are back and running at full speed again now (it took a week!) after two lovely Christmas breaks. And what better a way to kick off 2018 than with the launch of our second Step Up School program? The latest students joined us for their first session on Tuesday – and it is another diamond studded group. Hoorah.

If you didn’t get a space this time, fear not. We have our heads down and are busy developing an online learning portal that will offer you the chance to work through our unique content (plus more!) from the luxury of your own home. Watch this space.

In the meantime, we thought we’d share with you a little sneak peek of what we talked about in this week’s session.

We kicked things off at the very beginning with DEFINING YOUR OWN SUCCESS. It’s one of our favourite subjects, and for good reason. When we know where we are going and what is important to us, we increase our chances of career fulfilment, we actually live longer too (is there a better reason to spend a bit of time on this?!) and, importantly we put the brakes on that toxic habit of comparing ourselves to our friends, sisters, Instagram favourites and everyone else in between.

It really is worth spending some time with your computer closed, really thinking about what you want out of your career. Perhaps it’s expertise? Or balance? Or financial independence? We all have different career motivators, and the point of brainstorming yours is to step away from society’s rigid success definition (money/power/fame) and work towards goals that actually reflect what’s inside your own heart and mind.

We took it one step further in class this week, and supported our Step Up School students to then pull these ideas together into a succinct personal success motto. Creating and then owning your own success touchstone not only gives you a measure against which you can make important career/life decisions, it also helps keep you focused on Number One. Which is basically the end goal in feeling good about your career.

From our side, our own personal success mottos definitely evolved over the Christmas holidays. As you probably know, we were stupidly busy towards the end of 2017 and while it was rewarding, being so rammed was also exhausting and we flopped once the holidays kicked in.

Flopping might not sound very aspirational, but for us, it was hugely important – although we flopped on either sides of the world! While we are great at giving other women advice about making time to relax and be good to themselves (modern interpretation: self-care), we’re pretty bad at doing it ourselves. Classic situ, right?

We want to succeed, yes, but we want to do so in a measured way that does not leave up gasping for air.

Remember, take some time to consider what’s really important in your career and get that success motto nailed.


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  • Love this. So true. I’ve been learning all of this since having my baby and continuing to run my business. I’ve been clinging to the idea that even a good thought for the day is moving my business forward. A motto I’m clinging to: ‘forward is forward’. X

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