As always on International Women’s Day, we want to do our bit for the wider female equality movement. We obviously work to do this on a daily basis, but today particularly we want to shout it loud.

This week we have already hosted a gorgeous breakfast with Balance Me beauty, more of which next week, spoken on a panel at a female only pop up book store, thanks to Virgin and Penguin Living, and recorded a Facebook Live chat with Birchbox, all to help spread a positive, collective message around International Women’s Day.

These opportunities are vital in the evolution of this highly charged and necessary conversation that we’re all part of: gender equality. For us, gender equality (and to qualify this phrase, we’re pushing for equality and not sameness – we are not trying to emulate men, rather just have the same opportunities and ease that they enjoy), will only be reached if we work from the bottom up and the top down.

Bottom up: this is where all of our hard work around your individual empowerment, up-skilling and confidence building comes in; we continually push for you to follow your own definition of success, so that together we can breakdown the antiquated and generic success meaning that revolves solely around money and power. As well as helping you arrive at a career that feels genuinely meaningful and fulfilling.

Top down: clearly there needs to be huge change across all industries. The emotive #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns prove that women are still up against waves of discrimination, sexual harassment and inequality on many (too many) fronts. Which is why we are dedicating this newsletter to the campaign we feel best encapsulates today’s Press For Progress message.

As part of Marie Claire’s 30th birthday year, it has launched Not My Job – a campaign to push for genuine equality in the workplace, in partnership with The Fawcett Society, the UK’s leading charity for women’s rights at work.

So today, together with Marie Claire, we are calling on both of our audiences (that’s you too!) to share your experiences of harassment, bullying and discrimination, because it’s no woman’s job to…

● Face sexual harassment or be expected to flirt with a client to secure a deal
● Be talked over in a meeting
● Be overlooked for promotion when returning to work after maternity leave
● Earn less than a male colleague for doing the same job
● Be judged on account of her race
● Be excluded because of a disability

So here’s to collectively working to:

● Securing in place legislation to place liability on an employer for acts of harassment by a third party
– including clients, contractors or customers who sexually harass, or who make derogatory comments based on gender, race, sexuality, disability, trans status or religion

● Protecting our hard-fought workplace rights and legislation in the face of Brexit
● Pushing for genuine equality in the workplace for all women, from all backgrounds

If you have a story to share, screen shot Laura’s Quick’s brilliantly symbolic illustration above, and repost it on your social channels, with the hashtag #NotMyJob – and if you want to, please tag @MarieClaireUk and @TheStepUpClub too.

Thank you.

Here’s to working together to drive REAL CHANGE.

x Alice and Phanella x

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