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Perhaps you aspire to hold the top job? Or is it that you want to start your own business but struggle to make your voice heard in a sector dominated by men? Maybe the problem is that you are trudging slowly up the career ladder and want to learn how to ascend more quickly? And how do you actually do it all, without compromising your female values or abandoning your family? And where do you find the time?

Step Up is the ultimate career self-help book for women. It blends kick-up-the-bum advice with 10-minute a day career workouts to help you build career success fast. Perhaps it’s networking? Or, maybe it’s learning how to utilise the influence of others? Read, rehearse and watch your career take off!

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This is such a wonderful book that every woman in any kind of work should read. It delves into the psychology of self-esteem and the self-limiting behaviours that we women place on ourselves: it gives strategies for lifting yourself out of unnecessary self-limiting entrenched habits and beliefs such as "I'm crap at networking", and offers tools for generally dealing with every aspect of work/career/self-confidence that we have to face as women. It's brilliant, clear, funny, intelligent.

This is a brilliant book - love that it's a modern approach to careers, helping you to define what success is for you. A really practical guide with strategies that are quick and easy to do and genuinely make a difference. It's helped me reassess what I want from my career and given me confidence to start putting those ideas into practice! At last a book I can relate to! Really great read!

An inspiring book written in a witty, readable style and packed with practical, insightful guidance. The book is structured to give lots of interesting analysis of topics affecting women's careers - eg confidence, networking, vocalising goals and aspirations - followed by practical 'workouts'. I've found the book so interesting and useful that I've found myself recommending it to every woman I've spoken to recently.