Hello my name is Alice Olins and I have a pathological addiction to highstreet shopping.

Sure, I spend money on shoes (eye-squinting amounts, from time to time), and I’ll treat myself to the odd expensive dress, but in the main, I’m a smash-and-grab Topshop girl through and through. Which is good news for you guys, because having spent a hefty amount of time wading through your Step Up survey answers (thanks again for doing those by the way), we now know that you’re quite a few of you also have a penchant for some reasonably priced additions to your wardrobe. Which is why today’s column is dedicated entirely to clothes that cost less than £50. Yup, you read that right. Ok, disclaimer, I nudged a bit higher on the coats.

Our British highstreet has so many options when it comes to well-priced clothes. Sure, the fabrics may not last you into the next decade, but if you search through (or just scroll down, as I’ve done the hard work for you) there are plenty of gems that will enhance your current work wear situation.

As usual, in these types of Step Up style scenarios, I’ve divided the entire edit by CREATIVE AND CORPORATE, or to make things jollier, THE ALICE and THE PHANELLA. Funny story: when we started working together, Phanella was what I’d refer to as an upper mid-market shopper with a skew towards French brands, such as Sandro and Maje. And while, Sandro and Maje still hold the brightest light in her shopping desire, I’ve noticed a few H&M pieces popping up, and she’s all over Zara like a rash.

So you see, the highstreet is a democratic shopping opportunity that enhance everyone’s wardrobe. Plus, because the prices are so low, you can dip your toe into passing trends, without feeling any deep-seated guilt. That’s what I tell myself anyway…

Right, without further ado, here’s Step Up’s £50 Autumn style edit. I’ve covered blazers, tops, trousers, skirts, the odd coat or two, shoes and accessories. Basically everything you need to create a memorable, comfortable and stylish work wardrobe. Try to mix some of these pieces into what you already own, so that you create a unique look, which is perfectly you. Its all very well keeping up with fashion trends, but don’t do it at the expense of your individuality; I want you to wear these pieces your way.


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