10 minutes a day: build your confidence

By October 10, 201710 mins a day

Confidence – it’s an issue. Especially if you can’t summon it when you need to. Interviews, pitches, networking events all require a healthy dose of the stuff. But what if you dig deep and come up empty?
Thoughts, behaviours, the way we stand. There are so many ways we can work on it. But fundamental to all of them, is the ability to acknowledge when you’ve done good. Recording positive evidence about our achievements helps to reduce the impact of negative beliefs that lie at the root of low confidence. Today, that’s what we’re going to do.

1. Book. Word. IPhone notes. Pick the most convenient place to get down your thoughts.

2. Start your positive belief record. What specific area is your low confidence about? Public speaking ability? Valid contributions in meetings? At the top of your record articulate the negative belief holding you back.

3. Open yourself to the positive. Find at least one thing today that counteracts that belief. It can be something someone says to you or an experience you have. A meeting well handled. A compliment from a peer. It all counts.

4. Repeat daily.

5. At the end of the week or month reread your record. Feel positive. See the confidence begin to blossom. Done.

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